Epicurean required

Do you have a passion for good food and fine drinks? Do you enjoy coffee? Are you a passion-driven individual? Then keep reading… BEWARE… This is not your usual job advert but then again this isn’t your usual job.

We are a culture driven working environment where we believe in bringing the best out in people through giving them the freedom to develop and truly express themselves. We are a forward-thinking small business, trying to break the status quo in regards to the food and drink culture. Surely the most exciting place to eat in the Kirklees area, and the only town centre restaurant in the Good Food Guide.

This is a truly unique and rewarding role not to mention, bloody good fun. While most people use their weekends to visit the newest and most exciting cafes, your daily job will be working in one.

We are looking for a strategic thinker who leads with culture. You will be committed to leading your team by example, and gaining satisfaction from seeing them succeed. As the shop Manager, you will look out for providing an unforgettable customer experience, embedding the business’ culture & values within daily activities.

If you enjoy making new friends, meeting diverse people and building new relationships, then Epicure is surely for you.


Experience is preferable to hit the ground running quicker but it won’t be the main reason for a successful application, as passion and interest for the field are more valued.


We want this job to not be just any other job. We want it to be one where you are daily challenged, you constantly learn and feed your passion for food and drink.


Call us ideological, call us dreamers but maybe that’s just what we are.


This advert may be a tad verbose and won’t appeal to all but in short if you love hospitality and incredible produce, learning and making friends then you might have just found the perfect job here.


To apply please send a great cover letter enumerating why you think Epicure is for you (the CV is less important) to info@epicurebarandkitchen.co.uk