A small change of direction . .

Epicure, where quality meets expectations.


Dear current and future Epicureans,


We’re pleased to announce a small change of direction on our Friday and Saturday evening menu. This time, the Epicure team is bringing a completely different concept of eating to Huddersfield, and we couldn’t be more excited.


Some of you might already be familiar with our themed end of the month events, where we usually offer a “small plates” menu, which is themed, and niche. These have always been a crowd pleaser, with people booking months in advance for their favourite sounding evenings.


To us, “small plates” is the perfect blend between tapas and fine dining. We think the relaxed nature of the concept is perfect for what Epicure is all about- bringing the fine dining experience within a casual and relaxed atmosphere. Mix this with the passion and quality the Epicure team strives to always achieve and you’ll have ‘Epicure small plates’.


One of the few criticisms that we gathered from some have been in regards to our evening menu not offering diverse choices, with 5 starters and 7 mains simply not being enough. Whilst we understand the struggle, the enormous amount of love and care that goes into each dish from a small team producing magic within a slightly under-resourced kitchen, makes it impossible to add extras into the after hours menu.


Saying this, the desire for appealing to a wider crown led to the creation of a 12/14 dish menu offering a wide variety for all! Making it possible for you to come and enjoy many more of the tasty dishes our chefs prepare.


The theme will be modern British with more vegetarian options, a few more of our incredible homemade pasta alongside our well known carefully crafted meat dishes.


We’re proud to be located in Huddersfield town centre and whilst at times it has its negatives, we believe it has its positives too, and we sure want to create something that works well and invites the people to spend their evenings in this great town. We want people to come into Huddersfield to eat, support many of the fantastic independents and help the town thrive again. We’re hopeful that this can inspire more great places to open around us and create a thriving culinary scene.


Whilst being excited, we must admit we’re a little nervous too.  It’s a slightly bold move to introduce a menu concept no one in the area does and hope that diners accept it, embrace it come to eat here regularly? Through a little research and hard work, we do hope for ‘Epicure Small Plates’ to become a popular choice that we really get a name for.